11 September 2023

Lighting & Shading

Lighting Control

Customize your lighting to suit your mood and activities with our intelligent lighting control solutions.

Shading Control

Control the amount of natural light in your space with our advanced shading solutions.

Energy Savings
Maximize your shade system for greater energy savings. Use “Winter Warm” to let sunlight in and warm up spaces facing the sun. Switch to “Summer Cool” to lower shades, block sun’s heat, and cut down on air conditioning expenses. Plus, Lutron’s shade materials are eco-friendly, promoting green living and energy conservation.

Style & Atmosphere
Lutron designs blend aesthetics with functionality. Their chic controls and fabric choices, combined with cutting-edge tech, set the mood by adjusting the light intensity. The shades are set to give a cohesive, appealing look across windows, aligning with a small difference of just 1/16 inch.

Ease of Use
You’re not limited to one control spot for managing natural light. The shading system offers various control options: keypads, IR remotes, wireless controls, or even timing them with the natural day-night cycle for automated shade adjustments.

Home Protection & Privacy
With an integrated shade system, control all shades at once. Set the “Away” mode when you step out to ensure all shades are drawn, providing privacy and reducing inside visibility.

Anti-Glare & Interior Protection
Lutron shades help distribute light evenly, preventing screen glares. They also shield your interiors – be it furniture, artwork, carpets, or wood – from harmful sun rays. Use shades to regulate temperature, deflecting or capturing the sun’s warmth as needed.